As part of a millionaire business that has grown in the last decades as a direct work channel and as a financial tool, the car title loans has a functional base that adjusts to the needs of each one of their clients, and that term, benefits both parties. Like any business, it has visible advantages and disadvantages that can be studied to know its commercial status and works to have a more realistic perspective of the environment.


One of the best advantages of this type of car title loan, is that you don’t need so much formality to apply for it, by this we mean that you don’t need to give so many requirements, and neither is your credit history very important, the lenders are governed by the value of your car; as long as the value of your car is greater than the requested credit, they will not hesitate to approve it.

As if it were few, another advantage offered by property car title loans is that you can continue to use your car without problems, as it acts as a guarantee, but you keep it, so you can use your means of transportation as long as you fully comply with the installments of payment. Another important advantage is their speed, since they give you the loan almost immediately, all you need is to show what you have to offer in case you can’t cancel the fees that the lender demands, and in this case it would be the car; If you meet this requirement, you will leave the place with the money in your hands.


Car title loans also have great disadvantages and one of them is that the payment fees are very high and can even exceed 100%. Another disadvantage is that these loans are based in short term payments, this means that you can’t take a long time to pay them, and if you fall behind in some payment, the debt will be increasing until you reach the point of seizing the car. So do not take this lightly.


The first thing you have to take into account are all the legal terms that this implies, the most advisable thing is that you advise with a lawyer so that you don’t make any mistake that you can later regret. It is very important that you do not fall behind with the payment, cancel each installment before the agreed date if possible, since the lender can generate large charges if you break the agreement of the car title loan.

Finally, do not forget that this is a serious issue, do not access property title loans if you do not have the capacity to pay it. It is preferable that you resort to other options such as credit card, cash advance or even bank loans, but if you choose the title loan of your car do it responsibly and know your risks before signing any contract. Always keep in mind that your means of transport is at stake, do not do anything you can regret later, think about what you want and if you really are in a position to pay the loan.